Experience you can trust

Over the years, EGYXES members have gained experiences through direct contact with markets and special information programs to help them being the most professional team ever.

Best innovated technologies applied for the quality checking process

EGYXES loves new ideas and implementing the modern technologies in work flow process to be up to date with the most recent working processes all over the world.

Diversity of products and professional team specialized in each product

EGYXES has started with one simple rule, being professional means being specialist. We have different teams as we are working in different types of products and we are making sure that each team is working according to the world standards and instructions of the ICC, UCP, URC, WTO, TBT, SPS, FDA, GAP, CSR, ITC and other international trade organizations.

We go Green

EGYXES cares about the quality and specifications of each product, that’s why we have agreements with the most developed organizations and factories that enjoy the international inspection certificates and can prove their efficiency in producing our products.

Inspection process

EGYXES makes sure that all the products will meet the requested requirements and specifications for each of the client, the consumer and the country’s authorities to avoid any harassment during the work flow process. EGYXES will be part of the inspection process conducted by certified and authorized organizations to assure the validity and the best quality of each product.

  • Fresh & Dry (Fruits - Vegetables) (Pic)
  • Marble & Granite – Travertine (Pic)
  • Textile, Fabrics & apparel (Pic)
  • Minerals & Metallurgy (Pic)
  • Herbs, seeds, Natural Oils (Pic)