Financial Solutions

EEO, EGYXES Exporting Organization, is registered as an exporting organization and has its commercial registration within the territory of Egypt. As an exporting organization, EGYXES is pleased to work with the financial solutions facilitated and declared in the ICC, International Commerce Chamber in Paris and TBT, The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade as an international treaty of the World Trade Organization WTO agreement.

  • EGYXES Trade is dealing with official government and international barriers to trade as an international as per the letters of credit as recommended by the ucp 600 and URC 522 declared in WTO agreement. For more information about the letters of credit and the differences between them, you may visit the website
  • Transform how the enterprise acts at critical customer touch points. We bring together cross-organizational/-functional leaders responsible for customer engagement to implement your experience transformation initiatives. Our industry-experienced consultants use Customer Journey Mapping, from helping you identify strategic priorities, to defining customer personas and lifecycle. Analyze the present customer experience, outline the desired “state,” and launch an implementation roadmap.
  • If you still have more questions, please refer to the Get in Touch segment and drop us an email, our professional team will be happy to explain everything and welcome our partner. EGYXES is looking forward for long-term partnership where we can implement the Win-to-Win principles along with our valued partners.