Export Process

Export procedure in Egypt are governed by the Egyptian Customs Law dated 1963 and related ministerial decrees. All goods exported from Egypt, except for goods destined for the free zones, should go through the complete clearance procedure irrespective of goods value.

IM.RE. Department

Exporting process starts with the great value added by our professional IM.RE. (Improvement developing & Research techniques) teams. EGYXES is pleased to admit the great efforts of our professional multi-national teams specializing in exploring potential markets and applying the most recent up-to-date technologies in the export process in order to exceed the expectations of our partners and their customers.

Quality – Risk Control

Quality teams are playing a fatal role in the exporting process as they will be available in each stage of the production, packing and shipping processes in order to be in control of the process and deliver the best quality to our partners. We’ve managed to partner with the governmental and international agencies for quality examinations and checking techniques in order to avoid any risk before its happening. Quality has the golden rule of (Risk isn’t anything but lack of control).


Custom clearance agents dedicate their time and efforts to make sure that the shipping process will be processed smoothly and clearly as we do believe that time is everything in the exporting process and we will do our best in order to deliver our shipments within the time schedule as per our contracts with our clients.


Operations department is working directly under the supervision of the chairman of EGYXES to be in control of each process and provide daily reports with the progress of each agent and manager working within the EGYXES Exporting Organization EEO.

Welcome to EGYXES and welcome to the great value.