About Us

2MU Herbs Co. for producing and exporting herbs ,spices and seeds , we have been working as a supplier of all kinds of organic and non-organic dried herbs and spices from our own farms in El-Fayoum city to most of the big companies in this field in Egypt. After working as a supplier for more than twenty years our goods have gained a good reputation among Egyptian exporters. This good reputation was the main reason to encourage us to establish our own exporting company. And we decided to start exporting our products to worldwide.
Working as a supplier for more than fifteen years. provide highest level of customer satisfaction. Our export team is here for you to provide best price available, without sacrificing quality of final product. Many of our products give you a reduction in price when you order multiple quantities, just contact our export manager to agree about special and attractive price.
We realize the entity and nature of our products and how they are meant to be of real high quality. Our whole operations and procedures along with our unsurpassed and qualified team contribute in the bringing about of high quality products which insures our clients’ satisfaction and meet the constant market quality demands.